Move Physiotherapy

MOVE Physiotherapy is a new business launched by husband and wife entrepreneurs with a focus on healthy community lifestyles. A multi-disciplinary physiotherapy clinic based in Bedford, NS that leans on social media and community building to carve out their practice, I helped them develop a unique brand and website to support the new and growing business.

We are very satisfied with the end product that Chris created! We love how he incorporated our thoughts on design and colour, and put his own twist on it!


MOVE Physiotherapy, as a new business, was in need of not just a logo and website, but an overall brand identity that could be incorporated with their physical clinic and the larger plans of the social media presence.

Julie and Mitch approached their new business with a great deal of combined experience and expertise in the field, but leaned on alltimelowe to guide them through the process of developing a logo that fit their personalities, the image and tone of the business, works well in their physical space, be applied to signage, and keep the doors open for future applications in social media, video, and sponsorship, i.e. hockey jerseys.


It all begins with a conversation. Initial conversations were primary focused around the logo, however it was clear that the entire package was to be a cohesive unit. With some guidance I was able to push Julie and Mitch to explore concepts and open their minds to what they thought they wanted, what they actually needed and where they would like their business to sit within the context of their industry.

Maintaining a fluid process I went away with our initial conversations and worked on developing some rudimentary pencil sketches, fleshing out concepts. Keeping them involved throughout, we were able to make quick progress by checking in regularly and testing out ideas. In the end we landed on a logo that sets them apart from competitors, has its own visual language to guide the website design, and spoke to their core values:

  • movement
  • healthy living
  • emphasis on sport

The result was a logo package of five variations, giving them ample options for material applications such as shirts, caps, social media profiles, banners for community events, and sponsoring local sports teams. We developed an animated version of the logo to introduce video content being shared through social media.

With the effort put in to this point the transition to the website design was smooth and natural. The logo’s visual style is so strong that the application to website design was straightforward. The majority of the effort was put in developing a website that was easy to use, clearly described the services offered and provided enough education for potential clients that they would want to book an appointment.

A user-centric approach placed highest importance on information most relevant to visitors. Focusing on meeting their needs, such as clearly presenting and describing services, providing means with which to book appointments, etc. resulted in a user-friendly website that is an extension of the MOVE brand.

Screenshot of MOVE homepage on a mobile device
Screenshot of the Move Physiotherapy home page


With new businesses I tend to advise to not over invest in website functionality. Sure we could have built a system for booking your appointment online, but in the early stages I like to ensure new businesses reserve their resources for making sure the business succeeds; once that is confirmed there is always room to grow to the website.

A key value of Julie and Mitch is engaging the community to promote and support healthy lifestyles. In the 1.5 years since the launch of the business and its website we have continued our relationship and developed a section for MOVE to post events they host or are participating in, as well as a section to access resources for clients. Establishing our relationship in trust and respect has ensured it is long lasting and Julie and Mitch have proven to have the will and patience to approach expanding their brand and website slowly and as needed, without putting their hard work at risk.