The master list of the individual services I offer:

  • Design – art direction, creative direction, graphic design, web design, user interface design, branding, etc.
  • Front End Development – HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Back End Development – PHP and MySQL development
  • Strategy and Planning – Content strategy, information architecture and requirements gathering
  • SEO and Analytics – Google Analytics / Tag Manager for measuring and reporting on website performance

As I have branched off on my own, I have become even more of a generalist; although, I do still identify as a designer. My degree from NSCAD is a Bachelor of Design, my job titles at Kula Partners were Designer then Director of Design. I approach the concept of design as the process of planning the form, look or function of anything. My context usually is in and around the web and, to a lesser extent, print.

So, what does this mean for you, a potential client? Well I can offer you any number of things:


Hire me to join your website conversation. I can weigh in on overall strategy and planning, offer information architecture insight, research and technology recommendations and even broad content strategy. Depending on the state of your project I can give you a solid foundation through my base Strategy and Planning package or simply evaluate and assess the work already complete.

A basic consultation package, called Strategy and Planning, includes a content audit, information architecture and website strategy; starting at $1,000. For a more detailed estimate, please get in touch; prices vary based on the amount and complexity of the site content.


My preferred method of engagement is a full project; that is, seeing a project through from conception to the finished product. I love to get fully immersed in a project, getting to know each and every problem—seeing the trees as well as the forest. As a result of my immersive focus, I am also efficient because I do it all myself—there is no hand-off from designer to front end developer to back end developer and so on. In addition to that I will know and love your project from the inside out.

A basic website design, from beginning to end, starts at about $8,000; assuming WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS). Many factors impact the price, and a proper discovery and estimate is required before any contracts are signed. For more info on scoping out your project:

Sign up for a Discovery Session


On top of all the above, I also offer ongoing services of analytics reporting, CMS updates, and design/creation of landing pages. I can help build new pages for your site, landing or otherwise, give you monthly analytics reports, configure metrics to measure conversions and make ongoing recommendations. Websites are living organisms, and deserve to have someone take care of them—sometimes that needs to be a third party, sometimes the client is more than capable themselves. Whichever the case I am happy to assist in the appropriate capacity.

Fees for these engagements are on a case-by-case basis. My hourly rate for one-off items is $110/hr with a minimum of one hour, but please contact me to work out an ongoing rate.

So there you have it. These are the things I do. To see examples of things I have done, check out my portfolio; and of course, to start talking about what I can do for you please reach out to schedule a Discovery Session.

Design Discovery Consultation

Don’t jump into a big-budget project. Invest in a small discovery session to discover your exact needs and plan out the website to help your business flourish.