Forever Loved Vet

Forever Loved Veterinary Hospice and In-Home Euthanasia is an entrepreneurial business started by established veterinarian Dr. Emily Reiner. As a new business, Dr. Reiner’s primary concern was providing potential clients with a means to learn about the services and to streamline the process of requesting a consultation.

Dr. Reiner came to me with an existing logo and thoughts on colours. From there I designed the site to feel warm, compassionate, and personal. Built using WordPress allows visitors to learn more about the services, and most importantly contact Dr. Reiner. The contact form offers the ability to simply ask a question or request a consultation. Further to this, the form guides the user to provide the relevant details Dr. Reiner needs to prepare to meet and provide an estimate of the cost.

Since launch has seen steady traffic, considering the business is specifically local. It can be difficult to measure the conversion rate on a form that is on a home page, due to the fact that not all visitors are necessarily the target market. In spite of the conversion rate is over 2%, more than acceptable for a local business owned and operated by one person.