You want a great website.

Of course you do. Who wouldn’t? But what exactly does a “great” website mean? Is it a site that gives your visitors the information they need? Sells products quickly and efficiently? Or, generates new customer leads automatically?

All of the above are elements that make a website great. But, to truly understand how your website could be great it all starts with a strategy and plan. Get a sense of how I work and how I can help you by reviewing some of my work samples.

With Atlantic Montessori School I worked closely with the new business owners to understand how their education offering is different from their competitors. Together we developed not only a logo and website, but an actual plan to get parents to enrol their children.

For Aeris, I helped them create a new identity by developing a brand image and website that positions them well within their industry and elevates them to a standard of quality expected from a California tech company.