You want a great website.

Of course you do. Who wouldn’t? But what exactly does a “great” website mean? Is it a site that gives your visitors the information they need? Sells products quickly and efficiently? Or, generates new customer leads automatically?

Those are all elements that make a website great. But, to truly understand how your website could be great it begins with a strategy and plan. Get a sense of how I work and how I can help you by reviewing some of my work samples.

Websites for New Businesses

Starting a business is stressful. Making the choices necessary to get a website launched doesn’t have to be. Find out how I can help your new business flourish by generating leads and guiding your potential customers through your sales process.

With Atlantic Montessori School I worked closely with the new business owners to understand how their education offering is different from their competitors. Together we developed not only a logo and website but an actual plan to get parents to enroll their children.

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Website Re-designs and Optimizations

Working with larger sites with more complex needs is incredibly satisfying. Through my Design Discovery Consultation, we will dive deep into your current website environment, analyzing your content, your needs, and your deficiencies. The outcome of this is a solid strategy and plan to take your website to the next level.

FSi Strategies has evolved as a business since we first started working together in 2007. For their most recent website re-design we worked closely to evolve the brand and design and develop a WordPress theme that gives them the maximum amount of flexibility for building engaging content.

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