Kula Partners second software-as-a-service (SaSS) offering, Wayfindly is a mobile web app built using Google Maps API that allows customers to build a custom directory of locations. The application allows users to search and get walking directions based on their current location.


The identity development explored common symbolism for wayfinding—early sketches explored concepts around signposts, maps and the ubiquitous map pin. As an internal project we broke standard process a bit, given the client feedback loop was so tight. I quickly moved in vector compositions and began iterating on the concept of a signpost.

Wayfindly mark and logo

This branding is a testament to keeping it simple. With a business value so clearly defined, and an obvious visual reference, there was no need to try to reinvent the wheel. We stuck with symbolism we knew  people would get; the emphasis became the execution. The result is a concise, simple mark with a nice element of negative space that gives the signpost dimension.


The goal of the site is to encourage conversion and sign up for the service. The landing page focuses on selling the key features and benefits, and removing as much friction as possible from the sign up process.